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Recycled Pet Bottles by Natura Brasil

Natura is the first cosmetic company in Brazil to use recycled PET as a packaging material. Source: Worldstar Awards 2007

Since March 2007, bottles of virgin PET, used for products of the sub-brand EKOS, started to be replaced by bottles with 30% recycled post-consumption PET in their composition, complying with the 3R concept – reduction, reuse and recycling – which guides the company’s packaging development.


Natura Gift Sets

Waters of Natura / Aguas de Natura

Waters Of Natura: A Memory in Each Bottle.

A pleasure to feel and touch.
Awake in Yourself all the good memories in your life and new sensations with the new Natura Waters, a Brazilian hidden essence in each bottle.

Juicy and radiant, delicate, refreshening and passionate fragrance emanating the pure perfume of the flourished apple trees right from the Brazilian backyards, the sweet and sourness from the green apples and apple blossoms right into your delicate senses.

With Floral green apple notes combined together with essential oils and organic alcohol to involve you and transmit a pleasant sensation of cleaness, wellbeing and refreshement right after your shower.

Video Lyrics by Gal Costa:

Remember the flourished gardens
Barefooted at the orchard
Remember the sun on the terrace
the scent of the rain
Afternoons at the backyard

Remember the whiting clouds
Drawing the blue sky
Remeber the swing flight smiling the whole life
and bright light in each sight

Remember the starring night
The morning perfume
Remember the rosebush flourishing
The love.

“Natura Waters: In each bottle, a memory”

Waters of Natura Line has 7 wonderful Fragrancies for women and 3 for men in two specific sizes 5.7fl.oz and 10.14fl.oz, 150 and 300 ml respectively.