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Why to Discontinue a Product?

Sometimes we have to discontinue a product to make room for another that has more chance to contribute to our results. We must remember that our product portfolio has a certain size, designed to help our consultants to have the best performance possible.

Increasing the number of items of that portfolio has several consequences, as more marketing expenses and lower average sales volume of each item, due to less exposure of each and less time available for the consultant to address each item with your customers.

We emphasize that every product has a life cycle, whose duration depends on several factors. This not only has to do with its acceptance by consumers, but also with their ability to contribute to the expression of our brand and its role in maintaining an attractive and varied portfolio for all our stakeholders.

We know that when a product is discontinued, many consumers who like it may feel hurt, as well as consultants who serve them. But our experience shows that satisfaction with the new product launched overcomes the frustration of those who go out of line, and the launch would not be possible without discontinuation, reasons mentioned earlier.


Summer Everyday Natura – Tododia Lime and Tangerine

Freshness and hydration are the secret to enjoy the joys of the hottest season in the year.

This summer cicle of Natura brings to you a fragrance innovation, lime and tangerine. Especially developed for the hot season when the skin is more exposed to the sun and needs an intense hydration.

Lime and tangerine makes a refreshing and light yet attractive fragrance with a citric and sweet background note.

The line is composed of five products integrated to make your shower and bath a much more pleasant experince.

1 – Lime and Tangerine 24h Hydrating Body lotion 13.6oz/400ml.
Acqua formulated, this body lotion is developed for being highly hydrating but, with a light texture and rapidly penetrating not leaving your skin greasy or clogging your pores. The acqua formulation helps the balance of skin and has a quick absorption leaving the skin hydrated for 24h.

2 – Lime and Tangerine Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant 2.4oz/70ml.
Comfort and protection for up to 24h.

3 – Lime and Tangerine Pure Vegetable Soap Bar.
Gentleness and softness in bar shape for your skin.
Box with 5 bar soaps of 90g each.

4 – Lime and Tangerine In-Shower Body Lotion 10.2oz/300ml.
A superior alternative to a regular body lotion with immediate coolness sensation and intense hydration that avoids skin dryness.

5 – Lime and Tangerine Body Liquid Soap 10.2oz/300ml.
A creamy foam which promotes refreshing sensation and hydration during and after shower.

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Natura Tododia Verão – Summer time with Natura Everyday Summer Line

This summer, Natura’s motto for their Everyday summer line is: “Discover poetry in your routine.”
Discover poetry in your everyday life this summer with the new fragrances of Everyday [TodoDia] line of body lotions, moisturizers, bars and liquid soaps and, deodorants Natura is bringing to you.
TodoDia line brings to you the lightness, coolness and, joy of this season with alluring products that replenish your skin with the refreshing sensation and hydration needed to face the challenges of summer. Lime and tangerine are the combination for the cool fragrances of this line besides natural formulas created especially to stimulate, invigorate and, hydrate the skin.

Natura Tododia summer Discover poetry in your routine.

Summer is the routine of joy
The adventurous and inventive routine
Te routine of heat sensation
The routine of coolness all over your body.

O verão é a rotina da alegria
A rotina na invenção é a ousadia
A sensação é a rotina do calor
A rotina do corpo é o frescor.

Natura Tododia Verão. Descubra a poesia na sua rotina.