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Black Pitanga/Black Cherry: A Rare Delight.

The smell, taste and color of Pitanga ( a type of tropical cherry) instigate the memory of many Brazilians, which quickly carried away by the sensations of freshness and lightness to the eyes, smell and taste.

Family and scientific name of Myrtaceae Eugenia uniflora, pitanga is a typical Brazilian fruit, native to the Atlantic. It is found in the coastal area in 17 states in our country.

Prized for its tart and refreshing taste, pitanga can be eaten alone or in sweets and drinks. Its leaves, fragrant when used in some places in Brazil to cover the floor in the processions and feast days. Pitanga fruit can also be used in the composition of baths smell, traditionally held in the warmer regions of the country like the Northeast.

Black Pitanga (Black cherry)

The colorful hues of yellow, orange and red pitanga creates the beautiful contrasts in nature, bringing more joy to our eyes. But this Brazilian berry also stands out by gifting nature with a pitch rare, darker in color, almost black, which makes exotic and lush.

The black cherry is born on the same footing from the others and is quite easy to identify. The most common species, so that we know, comes in abundance, is red and more sour. Moreover, the black cherry is rare, darker and, has a sharp and slightly sweet flavor.

“They are the same species. The only factor that differentiates them is genetics. It is not possible to predict when one will be born black cherry. They are nature’s surprises, “says Fabiana Malanzuk, marketing manager for Natura Ekos.

Cultivation and sustainable harvesting

To produce the three-phase oil and Freshness of Ekos Black Pitanga Natura
, Natura has two partners who grow the plant in an organic way. The community Turvo, located in Parana, is responsible for providing the cherry extract. The harvest regards the pace of nature: they first draw in the fruit and the leaves, leaving some in each branch to not harm the plant nutrition.

The essential oil of Pitanga is extracted from the leaves, which is provided by Alpine Farm, St. Paul, in a project that involves and benefits 250 families in the region. After removing the leaves, the fruits fall to the ground and serve as food for animals in the region, composting of the organic whole plantation.

This is the way with sustainable practices, we can bring you all the exuberance and freshness of the fruit a symbol of our tropicality. Our senses are grateful to this gentleness that only the Brazilian biodiversity can offer us.


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Recycled Pet Bottles by Natura Brasil

Natura is the first cosmetic company in Brazil to use recycled PET as a packaging material. Source: Worldstar Awards 2007

Since March 2007, bottles of virgin PET, used for products of the sub-brand EKOS, started to be replaced by bottles with 30% recycled post-consumption PET in their composition, complying with the 3R concept – reduction, reuse and recycling – which guides the company’s packaging development.

Waters of Natura / Aguas de Natura

Waters Of Natura: A Memory in Each Bottle.

A pleasure to feel and touch.
Awake in Yourself all the good memories in your life and new sensations with the new Natura Waters, a Brazilian hidden essence in each bottle.

Juicy and radiant, delicate, refreshening and passionate fragrance emanating the pure perfume of the flourished apple trees right from the Brazilian backyards, the sweet and sourness from the green apples and apple blossoms right into your delicate senses.

With Floral green apple notes combined together with essential oils and organic alcohol to involve you and transmit a pleasant sensation of cleaness, wellbeing and refreshement right after your shower.

Video Lyrics by Gal Costa:

Remember the flourished gardens
Barefooted at the orchard
Remember the sun on the terrace
the scent of the rain
Afternoons at the backyard

Remember the whiting clouds
Drawing the blue sky
Remeber the swing flight smiling the whole life
and bright light in each sight

Remember the starring night
The morning perfume
Remember the rosebush flourishing
The love.

“Natura Waters: In each bottle, a memory”

Waters of Natura Line has 7 wonderful Fragrancies for women and 3 for men in two specific sizes 5.7fl.oz and 10.14fl.oz, 150 and 300 ml respectively.