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Why to Discontinue a Product?

Sometimes we have to discontinue a product to make room for another that has more chance to contribute to our results. We must remember that our product portfolio has a certain size, designed to help our consultants to have the best performance possible.

Increasing the number of items of that portfolio has several consequences, as more marketing expenses and lower average sales volume of each item, due to less exposure of each and less time available for the consultant to address each item with your customers.

We emphasize that every product has a life cycle, whose duration depends on several factors. This not only has to do with its acceptance by consumers, but also with their ability to contribute to the expression of our brand and its role in maintaining an attractive and varied portfolio for all our stakeholders.

We know that when a product is discontinued, many consumers who like it may feel hurt, as well as consultants who serve them. But our experience shows that satisfaction with the new product launched overcomes the frustration of those who go out of line, and the launch would not be possible without discontinuation, reasons mentioned earlier.


4 responses to “Why to Discontinue a Product?

  1. goodlifecooking July 25, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I am trying to find/buy natura products in Minnesota. I just returned from living in Argentina, and I love them. Is is possible to buy theme here?

  2. Rosina August 8, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Please tell me where I can find these glorious products for purchase. I live in Philadelphia and work in New York and would also happily order online if the opportunity existed. Please let me know. Thank you so very much! Rosina Rucci

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