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Summer Everyday Natura – Tododia Lime and Tangerine

Freshness and hydration are the secret to enjoy the joys of the hottest season in the year.

This summer cicle of Natura brings to you a fragrance innovation, lime and tangerine. Especially developed for the hot season when the skin is more exposed to the sun and needs an intense hydration.

Lime and tangerine makes a refreshing and light yet attractive fragrance with a citric and sweet background note.

The line is composed of five products integrated to make your shower and bath a much more pleasant experince.

1 – Lime and Tangerine 24h Hydrating Body lotion 13.6oz/400ml.
Acqua formulated, this body lotion is developed for being highly hydrating but, with a light texture and rapidly penetrating not leaving your skin greasy or clogging your pores. The acqua formulation helps the balance of skin and has a quick absorption leaving the skin hydrated for 24h.

2 – Lime and Tangerine Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant 2.4oz/70ml.
Comfort and protection for up to 24h.

3 – Lime and Tangerine Pure Vegetable Soap Bar.
Gentleness and softness in bar shape for your skin.
Box with 5 bar soaps of 90g each.

4 – Lime and Tangerine In-Shower Body Lotion 10.2oz/300ml.
A superior alternative to a regular body lotion with immediate coolness sensation and intense hydration that avoids skin dryness.

5 – Lime and Tangerine Body Liquid Soap 10.2oz/300ml.
A creamy foam which promotes refreshing sensation and hydration during and after shower.

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